General information on over- / under-pressure valves ÜU TT and ÜU GD

The over- /under-pressure valve is an essential safety component of a biogas plant. It serves to limit the over-or under pressure in each digester of a biogas plant. It responds when due to a fault or overload the gas pressure exceeds the permissible value or drops too low. 

BIOGASKONTOR offers two different types of over- and under-pressure valves:

Over- / under-pressure valve ÜU TT

The over-/under-pressure valve ÜU TT is particularly suitable for containers with a membrane cover (gas hood) or film hood (double film system). It is mounted on the outer wall of the fermenter. More info ...

Over-/ under-pressure valve ÜU GD 

The over-/ under-pressure valve ÜU GD is suitable for  tanks with a concrete roof. It is installed on the ceiling of the digester. More info ...