Measuring unit

Each digester should be equipped with a possibility for removal of substrate samples. The BIOGASKONTOR measuring unit provides safe discharge samples with double ball valves made of stainless steel. A measurement point for the temperature and the pressure or the fill level in the vessel is available. 

Variations: DN 150 with flanged pipe connections for building-shaft lining or stainless steel plate for direct screw to wall.

Measuring unit fitting set with ball-valves

Consisting of fittings for sample outlet and pressure measurement
Complete of stainless steel 316

Art. No.: 80400004 

Measuring unit

Comprising DN 150. flange bearing with stainless steel lid including probe conduit for temperature sensor and 2" pipe without anchor bolt for fixing without temperature and pressure can. 

Art. No.: 80400001

Spacing bush

DN 150 for 160 mm conical pipe rubber seal length 240 mm. 

Art. No.: 80530160
Art. No.: 80530161 padded

Steel plate unit 3mm

35 x 35 cm with hole circle for dowelling to tank wall, stainless steel 304, including sensor conduit for temperature sensor, 2 "socket without sealing and fastening material.

Art. No.: 80400010

Pressure sensor for level measurement

DN25 1" pressure, 1-10 m water
without Display 
accuracy: <±0,6%
Substrate contact: Ceramik 
electric contact: M 12 socket
Measurement range: 0-1 bar 

Art. No.: 75100203

Cable with M12 elbow connection
Art. Nr.: 75100204 10m
Art. Nr.: 75100205 15m
Art. Nr.: 75100206 20m


Temperature sensor PT 100 

GTF200 4 lead sensor, 4m cable, for GREISINGER GIR 2002 and GIA 2000. 

Art. No.: 75182042

Temperature controller including temperature display

GREISINGER GIR 2002 without 4-lead sensor PT 100, 230 V power supply, 2 relay outputs, serial interface bus operating mode..

Art. No.: 75182052

Thermometer GREISINGER GIA 2000 

With 4 lead sensor PT 100, extendable to 100 m, min / max-storage, 240 V, precision 0,1 °C.

Art. No.: 75182008