Installation instructions

The over-/ under-pressure valve ÜU GD  is always supplied with a appropriate cover for the designated opening.

When ordering details must be provided on which opening the cover with the ÜU GD should be mounted. It should be ascertained that the opening is large enough.

Minimum size for the plate

size only over-under pressure valverdrucksicherung over- under pressure valve and over pressure disc
DN 150 800 x 650 mm 800 x 1100 mm
DN 200 830 x 750 mm 830 x 1250 mm

The cover can be provided with a circumferential row of holes in order to fix the cover with screws and sealants on the fermenter can lid. Screws and sealants can be purchased through BIOGASKONTOR. The over-, under-pressure protection can also be directly attached to a fermenter lid (excluding stainless steel lid).

Gas dome (optional) assembly

Preferably, the over-,under-pressure valve should be mounted on a gas dome, so that the risk of pollution and blockage by rising substrate is reduced.

The gas dome in form of a stainless steel frame can be cast into the concrete roof or is screwed onto the concrete roof with a flange collar.

Frost protection and operating conditions

Through constant contact with warm biogas - the valve is placed on the gas dome or container opening - the danger of frost into the ÜU GD is virtually zero. Only on unheated secondary fermenters it may be necessary to insulate the valve temporarily with a hood. During commissioning in winter as first fill an antifreeze mixture should be used.