Installation instructions 

The BIOGASKONTOR bulls eyes are TECHNICALLY GASTIGHT, when installed according to the instructions contained in the manual and the basic conditions therein are met. Then an Ex zone 2 is to define around it with an extension to the side and upwards of 3 m and 2 m downwards.

(See also the safety provisions TI 4 of the Biogas Association and Agricultural Trade Associations)

If the following instructions are complied with, the bulls eye can be classified as PERMANENTLY TECHNICALLY GASTIGHT. In normal operation no Ex zone has to be defined around the bulls eye, as far as a zone is not present for other reasons.

Conditions for classification as PERMANENTLY TECHNICALLY GASTIGHT:

  1. Installation by a qualified person according to instructions

  2. Minimum distance from other sources of ignition has been complied with

  3. Leak test according to manual based on foam-forming agents or gas sensor every month and later after 6 months then quarterly

  4. Monthly maintenance with checking of the screws for tightness according to instructions manual


  5. Supply and return air openings or ambient air monitoring available if required

During malfunction or maintenance work, however, gas release can´t  be excluded. An Ex zone could emerge.

Caution when installing in enclosed spaces

Bulls eyes should not be installed within enclosed spaces in walls or ceilings where gas containers have been installed. If the bulls eye still has been installed within enclosed spaces, it was done at your own risk and is the responsibility of the manufacturer and the plant operator.

If the installation within enclosed spaces is necessary, however, the following measures should be adopted:

  1. Strict compliance with the conditions for classification as PERMANENTLY TECHNICALLY GASTIGHT 

  2. Ventilation openings in these rooms of at least 200 cm² per RD 300 and 400 cm ² per RD 400 bulls eye whereby the openings shall be located directly above the bulls eye with mandatory direct external outlet.

  3. Air monitoring of the installation space by gas detector with the knock-on effect: audible and visual alarm and power release of the space