Bulls eye in immersion pipe

The Bulls eye RD 400 in a 35 0 immersion pipe (V4A) for a large viewing angle to the side or downwards. Suitable for core hole 500 or size 500 spacing bush.

The Bulls eye RD 300 is avaiable in a  35 0 immersion pipe (V4A), too. It fits in a size 315 spacing bush. 

The Bulls eye in an immersion pipe includes a 6/4 inch socket for a level sensor.



Bulls eye on stainless steel plate

Plate can be manufactured in many sizes with fixing holes to customer specification.

Bulls eye for existing on-site plate

RD 300 and RD 400 available as a kit with CAD data for cutting the on-site plate.

Bulls eye for membrane materials

RD 300 and RD 400 available as a kit for installation into a membrane roof.